Exciting Additions to Our Gymnastics Program

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New Attitudes Dance Studios is excited to announce new additions to our 2021-2022 gymnastics program!

You may have missed us last season, but we are back for season 2 with more opportunities for local youth after popular request! This season, gymnastics will run in 6-week sessions with a total of five sessions per season (30 lessons total).

Students can take all sessions or pick and choose the sessions that work best for their schedules. Scheduling allows students to train all season while also allowing instruction to students that may not be able to make a full year commitment.

Programs begin the week of September 12. Intermediate Gymnastics will begin October 11 after September Skills Clinic.

2021-2022 Gymnastics Schedule

3:15 pm: Intermediate Gymnastics (ages 11-14)
Open Enrollment
4:15 pm: Intermediate Acro (ages 8-12)
Limited Enrollment
8:00 pm: Intermediate Acro (ages 12-16)
Limited Enrollment
8:45 pm: Advanced Acro (ages 14-18)
September Skills Clinic Required

7:15 pm: Junior Acro (ages 6-10)
Limited Enrollment
8:00 pm: Intermediate Gymnastics (ages 9-11)
Limited Enrollment

11:00 am: Private and Semi-private Gymnastics Lessons
4-hour Sessions
3:15 pm: Tots Gymnastics (ages 3-5)
Open Enrollment
4:00 pm: Junior Gymnastics (ages 6-8)
Open Enrollment

Two Showcases will be held during the season for dedicated and recurring students!

Boys Programs
Coming soon this season!

Both Intermediate classes held during the week will start in October following a skills clinic for placement held October 3. Please call (906) 226-8580 or email the studio for more information or use the links below to sign up now! You can also contact Skylar directly at skylartaavola@gmail.com.

Studio Gymnatics with Skylar: 6-Week Session Registration
Sundays, Sept. 12 – Oct. 17.

Studio Gymnastics with Skylar: August Private and Semi-Private Lessons Registration
Aug. 18 – Sept 1, Semi-private (2-3 gymnasts).

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