New Attitudes Social Experiment

new attitudes dance studio marquette tv6 social experiment

During the month of March, New Attitudes Dance Studio completed a project called the Social Experiment where students, teachers and parents put away their phones and social media at the studio, and instead went old-school to communicate and have fun with each other.

Please don’t get the wrong impression… we have nothing negative to express about phones or social media. We realize both are here to stay and will be a part of most children’s lives in the future, if not already. It’s my personal hope that future generations will find a more positive and productive way to use technology in the years to come and will be able to use this great convenience responsibly and gracefully.

There have been many things we’ve been missing at the studio in recent years:
Doorway watching by parents and students, students conversing in waiting areas, and the ability to express or understand emotions through all styles of dance… are just a few.

So from March 3rd to March 23rd, we asked parents to support our efforts to help us bring back the “studio” in “dance studio”. We had a lot of fun activities planned during these weeks including new wall murals, drawing and art projects, and weekly prizes.


We wanted to get the kids, the parents, and the teachers heads up from their phones and be more aware of what was going on around them. The response was so good that Marquette’s TV6 caught wind of our Social Experiment and we’re considering doing it again in the future. Thanks to everyone who participated, including all of the local businesses who donated some great prizes for the project. We can’t wait for year #2!!