Shooting Starz Community Sponsorship

dance therapy shooting starz dance classes for children with disabilities

We are so excited about our Shooting Starz sensory friendly dance program this upcoming 2021-2022 season that New Attitudes will sponsor classes in the community so the children can attend absolutely free!

Shooting Starz dance classes, added to our studio in 2019, is open to anyone with special needs. This class will promote social interaction, creativity, and improve confidence and gross motor skills.

Our Shooting Starz program provides a therapeutic and artistic outlet for self-expression through the movement of dance and music. Classes will focus on creative movement, stretching, and being able to express emotions in a safe, judge-free environment while encouraging everyone to showcase their strengths and abilities.

We feel strongly regarding the need and the reward this program will offer children with special needs in our community. We are focusing on the outreach—not the money—to make sure we impact as many children as we can.

In addition, instructor Skylar Taavola, has just returned from an internship in North Carolina focusing on special needs programs and she is excited to share her experience locally in her refreshed curriculum.

Classes will take place Sundays starting September 12 with the first 10 registered to be sponsored by New Attitudes Dance Studios! This program is designed for children who prefer smaller class sizes to allow for enough support and supervision for those who need it. Class size is capped at 8 students.

Register now for the 2021-2022 season!



shooting starz sensory friendly dance