2023 Pay It Forward Holiday Giving Program

new attitudes marquette dance studio pay it forward 2022 holiday giving program

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, there are tons of ways to give back during the holidays. And this season marks New Attitudes’ 15th Annual Pay It Forward holiday giving program at the studio. From donating clothes to giving gift cards that support local businesses during the holidays, there are many simple acts of kindness you can do for the Marquette community during the season of giving!

This year we’re sponsoring 8 children. Our annual tree is already set up at the studio and filled with angel ornaments representing all the little angels we’re collecting for. Each angel will have personal information such as age, sizes and interests. We’re hoping to encourage any of you at the studio who might like to be involved to simply take an angel off the tree and return it with your gift for that angel. With the presence of the tree at the studio, we also hope that the kids will be aware of the importance of giving during the holidays and feel involved and excited about the program!

We’re also collecting second-hand coats, boots, hats and mittens at the studio. This includes our sponsored Angels as well as other children in need. Most all of us already have most of these items in our closets at home—making it even easier for anyone and everyone to help be a part of our program this year! We accept all sizes, and as many as possible.

There is an abundance of causes to support during the holidays, and we always appreciate each and every person that contributes to our Pay It Forward program at the studio. Our program and all the angel information can be found below and also on our Facebook page.


Angels Code: N.F., Age: 11, Female
Pant Size: Girls 10/12, Shirt size: 10/12
Favorite Colors: pink or teal
Interests: Glue on nails, headphones, makeup set, LOL doll, Legos flower kit, cheetah stuffed animal, snowball maker or brick maker, anime books, My Life doll w/ clothes
Extras: Men’s crew socks for her dad, stuffed penguin for her brother

Angels Code: T.S., Age: 15, Female
Pant Size: Womens 5/7, Shirt size: Womens M
Favorite Color: purple or black
Adult fidget toy, Silly Putty, book: 10,000 Things You Didn’t Know, makeup, art supplies, jewelry making kit, STEM building kit, earphones

Extras: Under Amour hoodie (womens medium) for her sister, puzzle for the family

Angels Code: M.F., Age: 6, Male
Pant Size: 6T  Shirt size: 6T
Favorite Color: red/black

Interests: Spiderman, super hero figurines, Ninja Turtle figurines, dress-up cape/mask, dump truck, tractor, kids snow shovel, hat/gloves, snow pants
Extras: Jewelry Box for his mom, candle for his sister

Angels Code: E.R., Age: 11, Female
Pant Size: 12/14, Shirt size: 12/14
Favorite Color: Teal, purple, and pink
Interests: Slime set, craft supplies, cheetah or leopard stuffed animal, soft blanket, Posca Rainbow marker set, Pokemon cards, 100-piece puzzle, white board w/Expo markers
Extras: Womens necklace for her mom, Nerf gun for her brother

Angels Code: L.H., Age: 6, Female
Pant Size: 4/5, Shirt size: 4/5
Favorite Color: Pink, teal, purple, and light blue
Interests: Music box w/microphone (at Walmart), makeup kit, Squishmellow, necklace and earring set, doll house, walkie talkie, soft pink blanket, LOL doll (2), Elsa anything
Extras: Womens necklace for her mom, Paw Patrol blanket for her brother

Angels Code: T.S., Age: 11, Male
Pant Size: 12/14, Shirt size: 12/14
Favorite Color: Blue or green
Gift card for ROBLOX, Lego kit, Science kit, art supplies, Nerf gun, hat/gloves, joggers (pants), Minecraft t-shirt

Extras: Food for his family of 4

Angels Code: G.F., Age: 7, Female
Pant Size: 7/8, Shirt size: 7/8
Favorite Color: Pink, red, and teal

Interests: Elsa toy, soft teal blanket, Squishmellow, Kinetic Sand, dress-up clothes, cute bunny
stuffed animal, hat/mittens, snow pants, 8-inch LCD writing tablet/colorful drawing board/doodle pad (Amazon), scratch paper art for kids (Amazon)

Extras: Socks with bunnies on them for her sister (age 9)

Angels Code: I.M., Age: 9, Female
Pant Size: 12, Shirt size: 12
Interests: Bayblades, adult coloring book, Kinetic Sand w/mold set, sketchbook, sled,
whiteboard w/Expo markers, walking robot toy, stuffed animal bunny rabbit, soft blanket
Extras: Playstation gift card for the family


Although our program is about collecting and giving gifts to these children, the efforts made by ALL who give and support our program each year most certainly portray the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving.

This year, #GivingTuesday falls on November 28. Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world on this Tuesday and every day. And one of the best ways YOU can get involved is within your own community!

Please remember that anything and everything you may donate—no matter what the size, cost or value—makes a difference. The Pay It Forward holiday giving program truly makes my spirit bright during this time of year and New Attitudes is looking forward to sharing it with many of you this holiday season!