2021 Pay It Forward Holiday Giving

new attitudes marquette dance studio pay it forward 2022 holiday giving program

New Attitudes Dance Studios is beginning our 13th Annual Pay It Forward holiday giving program at the studio this season. We have partnered with Lake Superior Village through the Marquette Housing Commission, which provides subsidized housing to low income families.

Each year we sponsor families in this program to help ensure the children have a wonderful Christmas morning that they are otherwise unable to have. Although our program is about collecting and giving gifts to these children, the efforts made by all who give to and support our program each year most certainly carry with them the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving.

This year we are sponsoring nine children and have set up a tree at our studio that will be filled with angel ornaments representing all the little angels we will be collecting for. Each angel will have personal information such as age, sizes and interests. We are hoping to encourage any of you at the studio who might like to be involved to simply take an angel off the tree and return it with your gift for that angel. With the presence of the tree at the studio, we also hope that the kids will be aware of the importance of giving during the holidays and feel involved and excited about the program.

We are also collecting second hand coats, boots, hats and mittens, in addition to our specific angels. These are items that all of the children need, plus many more that we are not sponsoring. Most all of us already have most of these items in our closets at home making it even easier for anyone and everyone to help be a part of our program this year! We are looking for all sizes, and as many as possible.

There is an abundance of causes to support during the holidays, so we always appreciate each and every person and family that contributes to Pay It Forward at the studio. Our program and all the angel information can also be found below and also on our Facebook page.


Angels Code: D.R, Age: 9.5, Male
Pant Size: Boys 10, Shirt size: Boys 10, Shoe size: Boys 3
Interests: Bay Blades, roller blades, bike helmet (size large), Monopoly board game, 2-person winter sled, Nerf machine gun, Dog Man books, or Level 4 books 
Extras: winter gloves, BMX riding gear, area rug for bedroom in red, blue or black for Star Wars theme

Angels Code: K.P, Age: 5, Male
Pant Size: Boys 7/8, Shirt size: Boys 7/8, Shoe size: 1
Interests: Hot Wheels, Legos, super hero action figures, Mighty Beanz, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Bay Blades, Battleship board game, Perfection board game
Extras: Coloring pad (blank), construction paper, crayons, Learn to Read books (level 1 or 2), slime, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, pants/jeans

Angels Code: C.R, Age: 4, Male
Pant Size: 5T, Shirt size: 5T, Shoe size: Toddler 12
Interests: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney movies (DVD), Matchbox cars, Lightening McQueen race cars, puzzles (50-100 piece), Chutes & Ladders or Checkers board games
Extras: winter sled, crayons, slippers, pajamas, coloring books, socks, hat/gloves

Angels Code: M.B, Age: 7, Female
Pant Size: 10/12, Shirt size: 10/12, Shoe size: 3
Favorite Color: Pink
Interests: dogs, cats, swimming, ballet
Extras: Slime kit, craft kits, Aaron’s putty, hair scrunchies, dry erase markers in all colors, Hatchimals, Pikmi Pop, Rainbocorns, Wubble Bubble, Razor scooter, Kidz Bop CD, earrings (for sensitive ears only), Hot Plate gift certificate
Favorite Scents: Vanilla-scented perfume/body spray

Angels Code: A.B, Age: 3, Female
Pant Size: 3T, Shirt size: 3T, Shoe size: Toddler 8
Interests: Baby dolls, baby shark puppets, Peppa Pig, Play-Doh, kids’ watercolor paints, Spirit (horse), Paw Patrol
Extras: Hats, swimsuit, Hot Plate gift certificate, 4T zip-up fleece pajamas

Angels Code: L.K, Age: 7, Male
Pant Size: 4/5, Shirt size: 4/5, Shoe size: 11
Interests: Avengers: Endgame Titan Hero, scooter, Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty, SpongeBob toys, Minecraft toys, Squishies (toys/things to squeeze)
Extras: Bath foams and fizzies, bowling alley gift card, twin sheets and comforter, cozy blanket, slippers, movie theatre gift card
Note: Sweatpants or sweatpant material clothing, wicking t-shirts (no long sleeve)

Angels Code: E.H, Age: 5, Female
Pant Size: 7/8, Shirt size: 7/8, Shoe size: 12
Interests: Paw Patrol, Kinetic Sand, Play-Doh kits, Barbie dolls and Barbie accessories
Extras: sled, socks, nightgowns, warm pajamas, age appropriate board games, Hot Plate gift certificate

Angels Code: S.H, Age: 14, Female
Pant Size: Jr. 0-2, Shirt size: Small, Shoe size: Women’s 8.5
Interests: Art materials, colored pencils, drawing pad, journal, room decorations, hair straightener, volleyball
Extras: iPhone XR case, iPhone charger, candy, socks, queen sized comforter, Starbucks gift card, Bath & Body Works
Favorite Scents: Beautiful Day, 1000 Wishes

Angels Code: M.S, Age: 14, Male
Pant Size: Men’s 36 waist, Shirt size: Men’s Large, Shoe size: 10
Interests: Sci-Fi books, shaving/showering items, Rick Riordan’s books, drawing pad with colored pencils or markers, headphones, backpack for school
Extras: PJ pants (size large), Subway gift card, Game Stop gift card, socks, boxer brief underwear (cotton), hat, mittens, scarf


Also, Tuesday November 30 is #GivingTuesday, a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world on November 30, 2021 and every day. One of the best ways you can get involved is within your own community.

Please remember that anything and everything you may donate—no matter what the size, cost or value—makes a difference. The Pay It Forward holiday giving program truly makes my spirit bright during this time of year and New Attitudes is looking forward to sharing it with many of you this holiday season!